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Theater as a reflection of society through a series of presentations in my search on. In the beginning, we would not know right away that this is a play on the story of my search progresses, and as I was searching the chase sequence to start.
The point is that if you did not catch. Or did not understand the character before I could search for it on the same abyss unambiguously described the character of a brothel where everyone has a role. With a script by itself whether it wants to be someone else in this world. The theater also presents a graphic representation of each character to the laundry room. Then he broke into the conflict of the story in the Revolt of the power struggle between. At this point, we see a reflection of the society is. Conflict with the symbol. Such that if these elites do not regent or authority would not be able to maintain and preserve the victory for the state and its elites. And the people did as well I have created a strong public tender for stirring up the people to rise up. By the end, it is only these individuals. Who was appointed to. Not anything super extravagant than the common man since birth. Which may be seen as a form of status symbol or as we see it today in a lot of nonsense and do not exist at all. And, as the author may have intended to use a character instead of a regime that is both absurd. Noble or aristocratic ruling class makes the assumption that the representation of religion. General representation of the strength of the opposition forces visual representation of the power of judges and magistrates. Regulatory system. The generator came up with the substantive issues and not to take a hint.

In another part of the human drama, it’s the crud that. Humans always wanted to be somebody. Requirements for acceptance and power always. The obvious is to give each character to play as I would like to respond to the negative side of the dirt itself. The issue is linked to the first, then it was taken to be associated with the sensuality and passion. The images show the human side of the bad passions of humanity. We will not let anyone to see us cover in the state. But deep in my heart we had to seek acceptance and power always does not leave even an ordinary person who wants to be someone to meet the requirements of this section. Or even those who held power in the state, but I would like to acknowledge the self-esteem than the other is up to. As can be seen from the highest point ผ character he wants, he has become a model for others who want to be a dream. Even if they agree to have died away.

Play such a critical regime symbols. Social status and negative aspects of the human mind, since that is clearly a need to have that status symbol among the people here. To the quest for power and recognition that all humans, we first of all is that I created it in ignorance and passion, it is to be resurfaced. A cycle shop in the backyard of the human society. Our passion is not glued to withdraw it.

Presenting a bold presentation at the end is that it highlights the ridiculous and the quintessence of humanity as well. The whole process is so strong that it is less stressful and emotional at the end, we feel the absurdity of the human unconscious is not that we do not care what any of it. material. Or elevate the mind of any of us, but we also have a goal of some of life’s potential, but we would not disclose it because we feel that it is embarrassing and worse than you. will speak out. But we shall see that we really do not care. I did not do anything except what we ourselves want it now.