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The art

The film is a narrative form. A typical indie film. Unfortunately, this technique indie hit, it can not be less favorable coverage. Flaw of this film is how much can the formatting on that.
I returned it to reduce the harm I do not like the movie opens up with a very interesting perspective of the protagonist on the world. The open character of this team. Clear and very strong. But as the story progresses, we find it interesting that it was missing. And in the end we will remember the bad things we see now is just the beginning of the season. I do not really even have a body. Because of the violence, the film began pushing it toward that content with. Love people who are out of sight. In this film came out almost a romantic indie movie. Concentration until it disappeared in the blink of an eye, Bang Bao. And when it progresses, it leads to a conflict that ended in a strange. I was delighted and surprised at the level of the narrative, we do not see that because I think this character. This is what I would do with the character of the man and the woman. I rather lead us to track it without a clear and detailed enough aspects. That will allow us to understand just how much the characters really. What follows is a summary of what was ecstatic that I catch up with the ideas and. Decisions of the characters well. The film tells the story did not do much to convey the story.

Form the narrative of the film seems to be the indie film to the camera, hands-like Head Hill. Shake a little. But did not elaborate on its content and not enough to do it in the form it was. Immediately became annoying. I would also like to mention the issue of the lonely. The problem is that we live in the world. But it looks like that the dimensionless shallow and are not intended to reflect the Creator. Seen by a lot more than that.

Unfortunately, the film is a story with you. If I, if I be able to bring the characters to events or issues. What is stronger than it would have been better.